Audiobook Premium

If you can’t capture your audience visually then Audiobook Premium is the perfect alternative! Audiobook, by all means, provide a quality convenience in absorbing your story while your audience is in the middle of doing something. This is also the best format to reach the visually challenged audience who are interested in discovering the world you have created through words. In the event that your potential audience doesn’t have the ample time to read your work, then find a way to make it to your audience through audio recordings!

Professional Book Review

A credible book review is essential to ensure your book’s impact on the market. Get your work evaluated by well-respected industry professionals, and ignite the interest of book lovers and readers everywhere.

Hollywood Book Advertising

Have you ever considered for even a moment that your book could be adapted into a movie or television series? If your answer is a resounding yes, then let Book Tale Literary Agency improve your chances by making your book available to agents, producers, directors, writers, and actors on the lookout for fresh material to develop into full length feature films, television series, and digital content.

Internet-Based Marketing

Understanding the importance of online presence, Book Tale Literary Agency endeavors to use that advantage to thrust the author’s book into online limelight. Through this, we ensure that author and book recognition will be felt in the most influential media platform of today: the World Wide Web.

Publicity Services

Every author’s dream is to earn the recognition their book deserves, here in Book Tale Literary we make that possible. Determine the techniques of publicizing, and we can work on utilizing these approaches to gain the public exposure your book needs, through our team of experts.

Bookstore Placement

Seeing your title on bookstore or library shelves is one of the many joys of becoming an author. Enjoy your bona fide author status as you reach your target readers. Plus, boost your discoverability among academic institutions or organizations that may find your book useful.